The Journey Continues Revisited

September 3, 2021 – September 6, 2021 all-day
The Journey Continues Revisited
Due to the enormous success of the ‘Journey Continues’ event, the Washington Northern Idaho Region has unanimously voted to celebrate again with ‘The Journey Continues – Revisited’.
Please save the date and help us spread the word to come and join us from September 3 to September 6, 2021.
This is a virtual multi-media multi-lingual event with speakers, interactive workshops, Experienced members sharing our history and videos. We intend to celebrate our life worth living, to keep what we have by giving it away, and to realize. Our Vision by further developing the practice of increased individual recurring contributions NA World Services.
Our mission is to increase individual direct financial contributions to NA and to develop a safe place for members to begin to have difficult conversations about shifting the self-support culture in Narcotics Anonymous. The purpose of this event will be to expand the unity within our Fellowship. Collectively, we will celebrate our recovery while tackling some of the more challenging questions. Questions like: How do we move from literature and product sales-based financial support to be member contribution focused? How do we encourage members to get involved in their local service bodies?
We will reflect on our 7th Tradition through the event by encouraging members to set up or increase recurring contributions to NA World Services while encouraging members to get involved in Narcotics Anonymous service.
Please distribute the attached flyer to your Area/Region/Friends.
In Loving Service,
The Journey Continues Team